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review building inspections adelaide south australia best building inspections adelaide - David Murray has been around longer than any other qualified engineer pre-purchase building inspection specialist doing full time professional building inspections and is a life member of association of building consultants Adelaide pre purchase inspections is setting the bar for the best building inspection service in Adelaide. A past president association of building consultants. Adelaide based, covers heritage homes, executive, premium and standard building inspections, western suburbs, eastern suburbs, northern suburbs, southern suburbs, Adelaide hills

building inspections adelaide

Thorough, practical, evidence based inspections. Experienced engineer.

Since 1984, over 11,000 inspections - true building inspection experience. Skill is built on a high level of engineering qualification, the proven school of hard knocks, learning from and teaching others and continual improvement. We provide thorough engineering reports with photos, keyed up on computer and emailed to our clients. Not tick box, every home is different.

Building inspections are our core business. We are truly independent.

We have built our client base from our reputation. We do not buy business by spending on paid internet advertising, or by having purchased someone else's business or by being part of a multi-inspector company with a big advertising budget.  Nor do we pay shysters for search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies - we come up on Google searches becasuse we have been around a long time and have a solid client following. Our web site is not tricked up to entertain - it just sets out the facts.

Peace of mind comes with a thorough and independent professional building inspection that draws from broad engineering and building consultancy experience, continuous professional development and use of appropriate equipment.

We offer both a STANDARD and a PREMIUM level of inspection. For details, please click the prices tab on the left of this page.

Inspections are done by David Murray, an experienced qualified engineer, Life Member and Fellow of the Association of Building Consultants. David has provided leadership in the building inspection space in South Australia in the role of President of the Association of Building Consultants for a total of 10 years.

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